About us

no+mi London is a new destination with perfectly curated gift sets for expecting and new mothers. 

Delivering straight to you. Born in London



We are bumps + beyond because we know you need solutions for before, during & after pregnancy. But most of all because we want you to feel like yourself first. You are not just a bump but a human first.

We know you are busy, so we are dedicated to finding the products you need. Even if you don't know you need them yet. Focus on your new adventure.

We believe in creating a unique gifting experience worthy of the change in your life and handpicking each element with utmost care.

Our mission is to redefine maternity as effortless, focused on you as a woman and above all modern.


Our Difference - #partofnomi

Pregnancy and parenthood can really keep you on your toes, so we understand if you are currently living in a bubble. We felt it was important to make sure you still discover emerging and niche brands, so you have something to look forward to when opening your parcel and something other than babies to discuss over dinner.

Just like parenthood encompasses all aspects of your life, our boxes encompass anything from basic fashion items to healthy snacks. We couldn’t choose just one category because we were really excited about telling you about all of them!

Our products are not necessarily maternity specific but always suitable for maternity.

Most of all we truly believe in the partners we work with, the products we carry and the people that make each and every one of them; carefully curating a mix of well-known brands and up-and-coming independent names. Ethical, environmentally conscious and with impeccable standards and taste, they all passed our airplane test with flying colours.

They are all #partofnomi.


The Story

We are Noémie and Millen, real girls living and working in London.

Everyone around us was getting pregnant and wondering aloud why maternity was a black hole for good taste. At the same time, with more aunt and godmother responsibilities on our shoulders, we couldn’t shake the feeling we were compromising when trying to find thoughtful gifts for the women in our lives. So we went and created the gifts we would like to receive when it was our turn to expect.

Our inspiration comes from our own experiences. From the cultures we love, the cities we visit, the books we read, the music we listen to but most of all the mothers and non-mothers we admire – artists, boss ladies and fashionistas all in one.

Life does not stop when you have a baby!